Calculating how many miles you get on a tank of gas

If you tune an older car or if you are tuning a new car, it all depends on the gas mileage that it gets. Old or new, which car will save you more money in the long run when gas prices keep going up? Finding out which car gets the best gas mileage will allow you to spend more time on the road without hurting your pocketbook. This way you can get more mileage from one tank of gas instead of fueling up at every gas station you see. Who wants to spend a vacation like that?

When you want to find out exactly what your car is getting for gas mileage, it is best to see what your car is rated at as far as mpg (miles per gallon) usage. Every vehicle made has a rating of mpg. Miles per gallon is the basic measurement of which the car industries use. For every mile the car drives, it uses a specific amount of fuel. The longer you drive the more fuel the car will consume, but if your car uses less fuel the longer and farther you can drive on a tank full of gas. Which means the more mileage you get on your car, the more cost effective it is, costing you less for fuel in the long run.

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Now you can find out how many miles per gallon you get by checking the exact amount of miles that is on your car before you fill up your tank of gas. When you pull up to the pump, write down the exact odometer reading on the car. Now fill up your car. Write down the exact amount of gallons you put into your tank. Now you have the odometer reading and the fuel reading that you put into your car. Now you can drive until you have to fill up again, and the same thing, write down that odometer reading. Now subtract the old odometer reading from the new one and divide that by the amount of fuel you put into your car. The number you get by doing this is your mpg. The higher the number, the better your car is on fuel efficiency.

After you get your mpg rating, you can now figure out if you can increase this rating saving you more money and making your car go further on a tank of gas. Simple little adjustments or parts that you put into your car can increase the gas mileage you can get with your car. If you don’t want to mess with that you can always go to see if you can trade your car in for a greener car, more eco-friendly car. A hybrid is a good car to trade your car in for or the flex fuel vehicles. These vehicles are well noted to be very good on the environment and on your pocketbook.

No matter which option you take, you can always find alternatives for saving gas in your vehicle. Gas mileage doesn’t seem so bad if you carpool to a job or even if you decide to do a little shopping with a few friends because you are splitting the gas bill on the trip. By carpooling you use less money out have to pull out of your pocket, the more money for you to shopping. All in all, if you know the mileage you are getting from your car, the more you can do to save money on gas.

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