Increase your Automobile Gas Mileage

With fuel prices rising seemingly every day, anything you can do to increase the gas mileage your car gets is usually welcomed with open arms. The money saved can go towards necessary car maintenance or other family expenses. Saving money on gas will be easier for some motorists than others based on both their lifestyle and driving habits, but there are things that can be done by everyone to improve their gas mileage.

Its A Car, Not A Storage Unit
The added weight of unnecessary items in a car, whether they are kept under the seats, in the back seat, or in the trunk, all add to the overall weight of the vehicle and a heavier vehicle requires more fuel to propel it down the road.

Giving The Ankle A Break
Excess revving of the engine and quickly accelerating are both ways in which gas gets used at a faster rate. One of the biggest reasons for suddenly increasing the speed of a car is aggressive driving, aggressive driving can lead to far worse results than bad gas mileage and is something that should be deterred or stopped.

Out With The Old, In With The New
One of the best ways to increase gas mileage is by replacing a dirty air filter. If a vehicle has an extremely dirty air filter, changing it can lead to upwards of 10% better gas mileage.

Cool It
When traveling on highways and freeways, rolling up windows and utilizing a vehicle’s air conditioning system can actually improve gas mileage. At faster speeds, the extra drag created by windows that are rolled down can actually negatively affect gas mileage more than the air conditioner. Temperature permitting, the best gas mileage can be achieved by keeping the windows rolled up and not using the air conditioner.

Increase The Pressure
Making sure that the tires of a car are inflated to their recommended levels, and maybe slightly over inflated, can also improve the gas mileage of most vehicles. Tire pressure gauges can be purchased affordably and a car’s tire pressure should be checked every time the gas tank is filled.

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain
Keeping a car running at its best can be accomplished best by staying on top of the necessary routine maintenance. Making sure oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations, and more are all done when they are supposed to be is a great way to insure that a car runs at its overall best. A car running at its overall best will achieve a better gas mileage than the same car that remains in need of regular maintenance.

There are ways that the general population can improve the gas mileage that their cars achieve without having to do something drastic like a modified engine or buying a completely different car. When the gas mileage of a car is improved, it allows more money to stay in the pocket of the driver and their family. Families have many more important things to spend this money on than continually inserting it directly into their gas tanks.

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  1. Easy says:

    People around here are getting another 10 to 15 mpg by doing one simple thing to their cars. It’s crazy but it works. Details on my blog.

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