Bugatti was founded by an Italian man named Ettore Bugatti, and his little car company was known as one of the best car manufacturers for motor racing in the world having taken many land speed records and won many grand Prix races across Europe – and also winning the first Monaco Grand Prix.  This success lasted the company all the way to 39 with consistent showings at rallies and races, culminating with the 1937 and 1939 win of the Le Mans.

 Bugatti Logo

They were originally designed to be super vehicles fused with art and with precision, having finishes done by hand on even the engine block, and even the most mundane safety wires being worked through the vehicle in a visually stunning manner.  Between 1921 and 1939 Bugatti’s wont more than forty race events and were considered the best in the business.  Tragedy struck with Ettore’s son was killed in one of his cars while testing it in 1939, soon after the income that was being made dried up and then World War 2 came along.  They lost the factory, the land, and were decimated. Then another son, Roland Bugatti, tried to bring it back in the 50’s, to no avail – but he did not give up.

 Bugatti Veyron

In the 80’s Bugatti had largely been regulated into airplane parts and other such things, with the previous decade having seen Bugatti and another company Messier being combined to make Messier Bugatti, however in 87 an Italian named Romano Artioli bought Bugatti and formed a new company named Bugatti Automobile SpA.  Following this the new company built a new factory in Italy and new designs were on the table.  It was a new super-car, touted as the most technologically advanced vehicle of the time ever created and made, then as if it couldn’t seem better Artioli bought Lotus, the other big racing name – but recession doomed the effort, and in 95 they discontinued production.  For a while the name lay dormant, until a most familiar name came along and bought the company and the rights to use Bugatti. Volkswagen. Currently they are producing prototype super cars and preproduction super cars that can reach over 250 miles per hour – and many more will be built for the collector and luxury markets soon.

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