Audi Supercar R8 MTM

Audi has come a long way over the last few years with some incredibly stylish and powerful supercars.  The 2008 R8 MTM is no exception.  This beast loaded with a 552 horsepower V12 diesel is the latest and greatest coming out of Audi.  MTM stands for Motoren Technik Mayer and while the R8 MTM definitely has characteristics of a Lamborghini, it holds its own in both performance and styling.

Audi R8 MTM

Output of the R8 MTM
The Audi R8 MTM offers extreme output.  Delivering 12 cylinders and 552 hp with 428 foot pounds of torque.  As far as acceleration goes, expect to go from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds flat (3.9) and an incredible 124 mph in about 12.5 seconds.  For those that are wondering just how fast this powerhouse can get up to, it maxes out at 197 mph- not too shabby.  However, the car is also very good at cornering with muscular Bimoto wheels and brakes.

The R8 Leaked

The Audi R8 MTM has been revealed very slowly.  Many enthusiasts have been extremely interested in this car, but few details have been leaked until now.  While the car definitely takes its cues from Lamborghini, it does keep its Audi lineage and definitely makes an exotic supercar statement.

Giving the Bull a Run for its Money
Audi has definitely made a statement with the R8 MTM.  For those wondering if Audi was really serious about being a contender in the supercar market, this vehicle definitely shows plenty of potential.  Audi will absolutely give the other super car manufacturers like Lamborghini, Lotus and Ferrari a run for their money.  Offering plenty of performance, beautiful, but aggressive styling and some very good technology under the hood, expect to see more of the R8 MTM.

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