3 Ways to Make Your Car Race Worthy

If you have a car that you want to get race ready, there are definitely a few ways to go about it.  While many car tuning enthusiasts have the money and resources to easily transform their stock vehicles into high performance racing machines, there are others that are not that fortunate.  However, there are a few strategies that even if you don’t have the money or resources can get your car on the track in no time.

Sexy Women Startting a Street Car Race

Tires Matter
One of the most important components of a track ready vehicle is its tires.  If you got stock tires on your vehicle, this is the first thing that needs to go.  While most stock tires are decent and perfect for normal, passenger cruising, on the track it’s a whole different story.  While every vehicle is different, you should look into wider profile tires that offer better traction and the ability to grip the track tightly at high speeds.

Performance Brakes
Besides tires, another component related to your wheels that should be upgraded is your brakes.  While braking from 40 mph to 0 is no big deal, try braking from 120 to 0.  High performance brakes utilize advanced compounds for brake pads and the rotors are also bigger.  Since friction is what stops your vehicle, the ability to dissipate heat (friction) quickly is important.  This is why performance braking systems offer lots of venting and advanced ceramics and metallic materials for brake pads and other braking components.

Muffler and Exhaust
If your vehicle will only be used on the track, you have a lot of leeway with the type of exhaust you have on your vehicle.  In fact, in many situations you can open up the exhaust- which wouldn’t be legal on the street to not only boost horsepower, but add more performance to your vehicle.  While not necessarily environmentally green, this strategy is helpful for performance.  Other strategies include opting for a dual exhaust, larger tail pipe, muffler, etc.

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