Wolf Racing Ford Focus RS

The new Ford Focus RS sits at the top of hot hatchbacks ranking, at least the horsepower rank!, with its magnificent 2.5 liter five-cylinder turbo engine which has 305 hp. but for some reason tuners are very keen to fiddle with it and give it a big  power boost!

Here’s Wolf Racing package for the car, which has a healthy 360 hp an an incredible 599nm of torque!


The tuner has also made a lot of adjustments to the chassis and suspension system to cope with the extra power. For instance, there is a new multi-plate differential lock installed on the front axle to improve the handling and also the adjustable suspension is lowered by 30mm.

Wolf Focus RS is fitted with 20-inch and better braking system, and comes with a black stripe on each side of the car as a signature of the tuner.

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