What is Car Tuning?

If you plan to modify your car to improve its performance or to better suit your personality, you are thinking of “tuning your car”. Car tuning means modifying cars or adding aftermarket enhancements to the car to suit the preferences and characteristics of the owner.

Car tuning is popularly associated with automobile racing particularly because it involves highly modified cars that compete with each other. Car tuning, however, has become a popular hobby among car owners, the automobile industry and car enthusiasts.

There are several reasons why owners want to modify their cars. Car owners may modify their cars to save fuel, to increase car performance or to produce an appearance that matches and reflects their personality.

Engine tuning may involve altering the timing of the air-fuel ratio to boost engine power. It also involves adding cold air intakes, exhaust systems, turbochargers, and other car parts and equipment to increase the speed of the car. Engine tuning is generally done to enhance the efficiency of the car engine.

Body tuning involves adding or modifying spoilers and body kits to alter the vehicle’s appearance. While body tuning can improve the aerodynamic performance of a vehicle, it is more popularly done to improve the vehicle’s appearance.

Interior modification involves changing or customizing factory-installed parts and equipment in the vehicle’s interior. This can be done by adding multimedia or audio devices, and customizing the interior parts such as the seats to suit a preferred style or theme.

Exterior modification involves altering or adding body kits, alloy wheels, and other similar exterior components. Altering the car exterior, however, can have undesirable effects. Some components, for example, are bulky and heavy and can affect the performance of the vehicle.

Car tuning requires technical some knowledge of automobile work. Every modification must be carefully considered and be aimed to increase the performance of the car without sacrificing its external appeal. If you want to tune your car, you must heed to the auto shop, car tuning experts, and do some research.

You may go ahead tuning your car but a lot of advice and tips from other hobbyists and owners can help. It is also best to compare the enhancement accessories and kits available in the market and come up with a good design that is best for you and your vehicle.

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