What is auto transport?

Auto transport is used by individuals, corporate houses and car makers to shift car to a distant location with minimum hassle. However, you should take proper precautions while using such facilities or you might land up with losing a considerable portion of your investment.

Auto transport facilities are used by individuals and corporate houses for shifting their valued assets to another distant location with minimum effort. There comes some situations for which we are always unprepared. To protect the vehicle while transporting it from one place to another is one such case. We do not go on the ride, but still remotely we have to take care of it. This is always a painful experience and needs preparation. To do such a task efficiently, a few steps are to be followed:

Know the details of the company

The first step to be taken is for verifying the company, which will perform the task of auto transport for you. We should make sure that the company we are trying to find out has a valid physical address. This is because if we meet trouble in the middle of our deal, we know when and where to contact. And if the company’s address is not listed, we may face severe problems in case any dispute arises. We also need to check their experience in this field, as it is directly related to the fame they have earned over the years. We should also check out their presence in the chamber of commerce in their region. With this, a valued business is ensured. Verifying these data’s will automatically reduce the chances of getting trapped in a fraudulent situation.

Carrier should be insured & licensed

We should also confirm that the carrier is bonded, licensed and insured. You may think that all transporters and vehicles are insured, but in many cases they are not.

Avoid leaving costly items in your car

We must not leave any valuable item in our and remove all non-replaceable goods. You may assume the safety of the goods for their insurance coverage, but insurance covers the car only. The transporters do not drive straight to the destination and instead take detours. They may eat and rest at a motel and follow some shortcut routes, which may in turn damage those precious items. Items such as ground effects, antennas, tire covers, fog lights, car covers, grill covers, ski racks, bike racks and luggage racks should always be removed.

Call for closed carriers, if required

In case of ultra safety measure, you should call for closed carriers. It will protect the vehicle from vandalism, thieves and weather. However, it may not be as handy as it is costly and might leave you with a thin wallet.

Keep the record of the carrier

As the carrier comes to pick up the car, we should always keep records of his name, motor carrier number and license number.

Take added precautions for convertibles

If we are transporting a convertible, we must make sure that the top is properly secured and covered. To prevent the convertible from moisture, we should also seal any tears if they appear at the top. Its gas tank should be filled to one-fourth or less. It is because weight always plays a major role in pricing.

Disconnect the alarms

All the alarms should be disconnected. If there is any, we need to hand over the remote to the driver. We must also inform him, if there is any leakage in the car so that he can position it accordingly.

So take these precautions and use auto transport facilities for shifting your valued asset to a desired location!

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