What is a Boondocker Nitrous Kit?

You may have seen many ads for Boondocker nitrous for sale, or advertised as being a lean mean way to upgrade your machine.  First you need to know what the basics are, what Nitrous is, who Boondocker is, and whether or not it is the best item for sale that you could find.  Nitrous is a slang term for Nitrous Oxide.  It is an oxide that allows for more efficient burning of fuel and oxygen, giving a massive performance boost – like that depicted in movies with nitrous capable vehicles.  The Boondocker Nitrous kit can increase efficiency and also boosts the power output of the engine by a whopping 45% in many cases – and in some cases even more!  The Boondocker Nitrous Kit for sale is a unique sort of system, where instead of the nitrous oxide being injected between the cylinder and the carburetor it is injected in an aspirated form.  This decreases the chances of problems commonly found with wet systems and over-powering wear and tare significantly while still giving you a massive overall boost.

The Boondocker Nitrous for sale runs at about 700-900 dollars and comes with either a 4lb or a 2.9lb bottle along with the brackets and needed materials.  There is also the option of a aluminum kit that comes with several sizes of nitrous bottles for sale, ranging from 9oz to 3.0lbs.  The Boondocker Nitrous comes with a pre-wired kit and a water manometer absolutely free.  It is completely adjustable, uses the current carburetor pressure for its adjustment needs, the solenoids run off the vehicles own power and it automatically adjusts for fuel variances in temperature.  The Boondocker Nitrous for sale is a great option for your ATV or your customized vehicle, and remember this can boost horsepower between 10-75 using the Nitrous.

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