VW Touran by MR Car Design

Now this is something you don’t get see very often! MR Car Design has come up with a tuning package for a people carrier, or to be specific a diesel powered VW Touran.

Since a body kit would look ridiculous on a van, the tuner only used white stickers to make a racing strip for it and also fitted it with 19-inch wheels. It also comes with KW suspension which lowers the ride height by 80mm!


Then they get busy with the car’s 2.0 liter TDI engine and tweak it with a remapped ECU and a stainless still sport exhaust system. So it now delivers 223 hp and 457 nm of torque. They say hat the Touran can now compete with a Golf GTI.

MR Car Design also provides the car with a high performance braking package from Stoptech.

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