VW Golf R by Siemoneit Racing

Volkswagen thought they made the hottest hatchback out there with the Golf R, but then with a range of new arrivals in this segment all packing a bigger punch, the R proved to be not that hot after all.

Don’t worry though, as there are many tuners out there that can offer you what VW won’t.

Check out the Volkswagen Golf R by Siemoneit Racing, a 530 hp super Golf! The Volkswagen Golf 6 from the R20 Series shown here was first of all given a carbon-fibre bonnet to reduce weight. After that, the development of the in-house exhaust system followed in order to bring the new engine electronics up to performance and rpm ranges that are just not possible with the series production equipment.

The end result is top performance of 355 PS and 485 Nm. But this is not even the end of the story. Siemoneit is able to convert the Golf onto a Monster wih 530 hp output. Granted, it’s going to be unusable, but how awesome is that having 500 hp in a Golf!

pricing for the lite version:

ECU Modification: 698€
DSG Modification: 298€
Exhaust System: 1749€
Intake System: 449€
Center Intercooler: 1199€
High Pressure Fuel Pump: 499€

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