Vehicle Tires

There are many different vehicles in our fast paced modern world, and many different vehicle tires.  For example, a vehicle that is large, bulky, and needs a good amount of weight support wouldn’t use a vehicle tire made for… lets say… a Honda accord.

Although vice versa does occur, with a large vehicle tire going onto a small car – this is usually found in the Southern United States and the Mid-Western united states for such auto sports as mud flopping and extreme vehicle rock climbing. These vehicle tires are on smaller vehicles that are not intended to use them, and it presents a torque ratio problem that may require transmission modification.

Other vehicle tires may go on something as small as a forklift and as big as those gigantic earth movers with tires bigger than my three story house.  There are new vehicle tires that can run for up to sixty miles while flat, and some that never go flat because they have no air.

There are other vehicle tires that are used in drag racing that have no tread, and are instead very bald and become sticky at high temperatures. Some early ideas for trains even involved the rubber tire, but they were ultimately dropped.

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