Toyota Celica Tuning

Ride and glide with the Toyota Celica with its sleek line of vehicles which spans 8 generations all in all. This model has wowed motor sports enthusiasts with its numerous victories. The Celica won with the World Rally Championship back in 1982 until 1986. There was also the Safari Rally win in 1995. There were more successful outings in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, Japanese Grand Touring Championship, DRM, NHRA Sport Compact Drag Racing, Goody’s Dash Series and stock car racing.

Toyota Celica Tuning

Convertibles with Style

Active suspension and upgraded wheels and tires can to the elegant look of any Toyota Celica convertible. Imagine cruising along with those fine wheels that rotate in the opposite direction as you drive and continues to do so as you stop at an intersection. Feel like a celebrity with the 3S-GTE with its air-to-air intercooler and twin entry turbo that eliminates interference with exhaust gas. Your GT-Four can give drivers ceramic turbine and better ignition advance with power of 225 PS and torque of 304Nm.

Anti-lock brakes are another option Celica owners can install for better control. Go for more improvements in your car’s looks with a sunroof, leather interiors and premium sound system for that sports car feel and look. Anyone will surely be impressed with such luxuries that many will not see in other cars.

Toyota Celica - Blue

Best Engine

Engine tuning is another option car lovers can do with their Toyota Celica. Take a hood made of aluminum for lighter weight, improved turbo charger, super strut suspension and anti-lock brakes with four channels. Pattern the Celica after a race car with water spray bar for intercooler in the front, spoiler on top of the risers and anti-lag system. Increase your car’s power with the Variable Valve Timing with Lift and Intelligence too and see other people stare after your car as you speed away.

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