Tire Wheels

The Wheels on your car have special rubber air inflated accessories called tires. Tires allow your wheels to run along uneven surfaces much more smoothly than if you were on old wooden wheels. Shocks may take the brunt of the big bumps, but the reason your car doesn’t vibrate itself to pieces is that fact that your wheels have tires. There are some airless tires on wheels, however they are not nearly as practical as the pneumatic tire that cushions the wheel and the vehicle with air.

If it wasn’t for tires and wheels, you would have much slower speed limits – because at about 20 miles per hour on wooden steel tyres you will be shaken so violently that your jaw will clatter for a week or two. That might be a little exaggeration, but it is no exaggeration that your car would be worthless without tires on the wheels. There are some new tires now that use a special kind of rubber that will last much longer, however, if you really want to get the most life out of your tires and wheels, you might consider getting rebuilt tires. They are remanufactured in such a way that you can keep using them 10X as long by having them regularly rebuilt (once every one to two years).

So long as the main pneumatic area stays the same without damage the tire can function well beyond that of others who just toss them and get new tires for their wheels.

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