The Toyota MR2 Roadster

This is Toyotas answer to all competition with Ferrari, Porsche and other leading car manufacturers. The MR2 is the ultimate roadster in terms of its look and feel that you get by driving this beauty. Its cylinder engine which has four valves revs up to more than 200 km/h of speed in less than 4 seconds.

Toyota MR2

Now that is an ultimate speed guzzler. You might say that this is Toyota’s attempt to grab a market share of the car racing industry. Well, it’s not only business that Toyota has looked into but designing the ultimate beauty. The aerodynamics of this sports car is perfectly siuted for it to travel at speeds more than 200 km/h as it has an aerofoil at the back of the car which gives it superior balance at high speeds. This model of the MR2 series was first introduced in 1984, since then there have been rapid changes in the structural dynamics of the car which has lead to the third generation models of this type of car.

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