The Guzzling McLaren F1

Now you won’t say that this is not the Concorde of all cars. It’s the F1 series for god sake this is definitely guzzling. Well you can have all the reason in terms of its speed as it revs up to 371 km/h in 3.2 seconds.

McLaren F1

What’s more amazing is the sleek front engine frame with its dashing headlight that gives the car the look of mischief. With its doors opening vertically you can just step into the interior of the car without any hassle. Stepping inside the interior gives you the look at the marvel of genius. With its steering wheel situated at the center there is accommodation of seat both at the left and right side of the steering. With its V-12 engine guzzling up enough speed to suit its performance. The McLaren F1 is certainly at the top 5 of speed thrills as it provides an awesome sense of experience when one is driving this “monster”.

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