Ten Necessities To Always Keep In Your Car

One of the worst situations you can find yourself or your family in is to be trapped in a disabled vehicle or stopped because of poor road conditions and not have the things necessary to make your time spent in this inconvenient situation bearable. There are also things that happen every day on the nation’s roadways, that if you don’t have the necessary equipment, can make a bad day turn into a nightmare. Having these items in your vehicle during bad times not only lets you get through them a little easier, it also lets you have a little peace of mind when things are going good.

Here is a look at ten necessities you need to always keep in your car.

1. Tool Set – Beyond the tools associated with your car’s jack, it is a good idea to keep other standard tools in your car as well. You never know if you will need them to fix either your car, or also help with someone alongside the road or even a car blocking your way.

2. First Aid Kit – One of the more important things you will keep in your car is a first aid kit. In a worst case scenario, if an accident were to occur there may be a significant amount of time before medical help arrives on the scene. There are also many other things that can happen inside a car while driving or on a trip to either you or your passengers.

3. Cell Phone – With the widespread availability of cellular phone service today, one of the best “tools” you can have in your car is a cell phone that provides communication out to not only family and friends, but authorities and aid workers should the situation arise.

4. Shovel – There are some great and useful automobile shovels on the market these days. These work great for winter weather when cars get stuck in snow and also spring, summer, and fall when getting stuck in mud is a real possibility.

5. Flashlight – A flashlight is a much needed item anytime something bad happens on the roadway at night. Having an operable flashlight along with you in your car means that you can find lost items alongside the roadway, check on the condition of the occupants of a car involved in an accident, or signal to other drivers that your car has become disabled and they need to drive around you.

6. Batteries – As important as your flashlight is, it is useless if you do not have a supply of good batteries.

7. Candle – Often overlooked, a candle is a great item to have in a disabled car in the cooler months and is extremely necessary in the winter. A candle, though small in size, can provide enough heat to raise the temperature in a car stranded overnight.

8. Blankets – Making sure your car has a supply of more than one blanket is a smart thing. From wrapping up in an unexpected overnight stay in your vehicle to being able to make a victim of an automobile crash more comfortable before an aid car arrives, blankets are useful items your car should not be without.

9. Air Compressor Unit – Many compact air compressors are on the market these days. Often these units come with built in flashlights and/or jumper cables as well. They often can be charged via the power supply or lighter socket of the car itself. It is best to frequently check to see if your air compressor unit is fully charged now and then.

10. Emergency Food And Water – Missing meal times because of an unexpected overnight stay in a disabled vehicle or a long delay because of a car accident can leave the occupants tired, cranky, and unhealthy. There are many items with long shelf lives that can be stored in a vehicle so that the impact of these situations is lessened. Some of these food items include: Granola Bars, Beef Jerky, Crackers, and more.

Making sure that these items are in your vehicle everytime you leave your residence insures that you will be prepared for whatever comes your way. Having your car fully equipped with all the necessary items it takes gives you a sense of security that you can go anywhere no matter what time of year or how far from home you are. That peace of mind is priceless when it is you behind the wheel on your next family road trip or commute.

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