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LUMMA CLR X 650 BMW X6 Diesel

Lumma design usually picks the biggest most badass versions of cars to tune, but this time they’ve gone all sensible and tried out a diesel-power BMW X6. The looks is still pretty much Lumma though, with a body kit including front spoiler bumper with rather enlarged air inlets. Head light “eye brows” and mirror hatches, […]

LUMMA Does Porsche Cayenne II

You are probably with this package because Lumma Design has already done a similar job for the new Porsche Cayenne. Of course this one is significantly upgraded. The CLR558 GT is the most aggressive kit we’ve seen for the Cayenne with its massive air intakes and black surrounds, vented bonnet, a bewildering  array of lights […]

Lumma CLR500 RS2

Here’s the latest extravaganza sedan by Lumma Design which has been developed jointly with their Russian partner Top Car. Based on the 2011 BMW 5-Series, the CLR500 RS2 has been designed to look very cool and for that reason they’ve steered clear from stupid paint jobs. The body kit itself though is still very busy. […]

670-hp BMW X6M by Lumma

The maker of most outrageous tuning kits Lumma Design has released yet another overdone package, this time for BMW X6M, which is already fairly bonkers. As it’s the case with all Lumma cars, it comes with a massive body kit which totally revamps the looks. It includes revised bumpers, spoiler lip, diffuser, side skirts, tailgate […]

Lumma CLR 550 GT Porsche Cayenne

German tuner Lumma Design’s latest project is based on the 2011 Porsche Cayenne. Those familiar with Lumma Design would know that they were holding back wit this, otherwise it’s have guns on it! But there are a lot of people who like this sorta body kits, even though it looks like a toy car. CLR […]

BMW X6M by Lumma Design

Just in time for Geneva Motor Show, Lumma revealed their highly anticipated tuning package for the X6M. Because of their great jobs on other BMW models, expectations from their X6M model were quite high, and fortunately they didn’t disappoint! They call it the CLR X650 M, and there’s a clue. the stock twin-turbo V8 engine […]

Lumma working on 650hp BMW X6M

Lumma Design is one of the craziest BMW tuners! They always come up with massive bodykits and extremely powerful engines. Now they are working on a unique car based on the BMW X6M dubbed Lumma CLR X 650 M. The standard engine of the X6m is fairly bonkers with 555hp, but Lumma engineers has took […]