Summit Racing

Summit Racing can be one of two things, first off there is a small automotive sport called summit racing that involves driving up to the summit of a large mostly high grade mountain – the car with the better power and ability wins this of course.  This of course takes place on a paved road and is not very dangerous unless it is street racing and un-sanctioned.  Then summit racing can become a very hazardous sport because of the possibilities of being flung off a mountain..  There is also a jeep sport that goes by another name that can be considered a kind of summit racing.  The jeeps travel on rocks, not roads, and slowly climb to the summit of their goal with modified suspensions and tires that allow for better grip, along with higher torque to give them more movability on their climbs up toward the summit.

Summit Racing Equipment is the name of a high performance auto parts store that sells auto parts and accessories.  It was founded in 1968 and they claim they are the world’s ‘largest speed shop’ because they have lower prices and higher quality goods.  They have millions of parts waiting to be shipped by mail or Internet order.  Summit Racing Equipment provides automotive parts that you wouldn’t commonly find at NAPA or other stores like Advance.  What you need for your high performance vehicle they have.  Summit Racing Equipment has three large warehouses located in three cities across the USA – there is one Summit Racing Warehouse in Rallmadge Ohio, one in Sparks Nevada, and one more Summit Racing Warehouse in McDonough Georgia.  They constantly have the latest parts and services available for your vehicle and will answer any questions you have.  So if you ever need a high performance part, consider Summit Racing Equipment for your needs.

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