Street Racing Cars

Street Racing Cars are a controversial vehicle that is modified by it’s owner in order to obtain the best possible maximum speed. They are becoming illegal in many cities and small towns, and legislation is in the works to ban the entire sport because street racing causes accidents and deaths in crowded areas, and it promotes a flagrant disregard for safety and the limit laws throughout where it is practiced. Street Racing and Street Racing Cars began before the 1930’s with many of the cars at the time – but after the second world war became very popular and remains so today amongst the youth of the nation.

Street racing cars are cars that have been tuned and modified in such ways that allow them to maximize the air/fuel mixture for a more optimal performance. Many have had lights included and many have nitros systems installed that can boost the car from 20-70 horsepower with a regulator valve that allows the driver of the street racing car to decide how much of a boost is needed. Street racing cars come in mostly two forms. The first is the sleeper, this kind of street racing car is one that looks like a normal every day car, it appears unmodified and ‘asleep’. However under the hood it is a completely different story as this street racing car and cars like it are greatly modified for more horsepower and more pushing power than others. The second type are comprised of hot-rods and flagrantly painted and modified vehicles that are just as modified under the hood as outside of the hood.

Street Racing Cars can be found in every country, and so can street racing. It is a dangerous sport because the street racing cars can obtain speeds that a normal unmodified vehicle cannot, and thus a street racing car can lose control easier and end up becoming a large out of control mass of twisted wreckage.

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