Stone Chip Removal

Stone chips are one the most common paint killers out there.  Stone chips are the small chunks of gravel that are kicked up by the car in front of you or next to you, and the removal of such small damages is imperative if you want to keep your ride looking clean and nice.  If a part of your paint is chipped, that means a part of your car’s exterior defense against rust is essentially gone – and as soon as rust sets in it is very difficult to stop. Sometimes drastic measures need to be taken where the rust is actually cut off from your car, this is the most extreme form of stone chip removal.  If you find the small damages that normal car drivers would ignore here are some simple tips. 

Firstly, try to get the damaging element out of the damaged paint coating – if it is recent it should come out with a damp cloth, however if the stone is embedded you should take your car to an exterior repair shop.  Inform them of the problem and they will take the appropriate action to remove the stone, buff away any rust that may have started, then match the paint to your vehicles paint.  Stone chip removal can cost anywhere from 20-200 dollars depending on the damage.  The smallest damages can be repaired with the paint that usually comes with a new car.  It will make a dramatic difference in how your car looks if you remove these stone chip damages.

After repairs have been made check the locations of the stone chip removal, if you see any bumpiness under the paint after a while you might have rust – and that means you should take immediate action to prevent it from spreading.  For a car rust is like cancer, and one of it’s biggest causes are the stone chips you get in day to day driving. So remember how important stone chip removal is.

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