Spoilers are usually made of fiberglass and its original application was made for racing cars. Racings cars have to keep themselves grounded as much as possible while moving at high speed across straight and curving tracks. The spoilers produce a downward force on the car allowing it to grip the surface even at slippery conditions. Nowadays, spoilers have invaded the mainstream of regular car owners and car enthusiasts. Spoilers come in customizable form so you can fit it on any type of car and make it look incredibly sexy and sporty.

Car Spoiler

It also improves your car performance and you could do a city driving at higher speed if there are no traffic situations at least. You save on gas since the spoiler makes your car aerodynamic so there’s less air resistance and that means less fuel consumption. Spoilers are usually made from light weight materials like light weight steel, fiberglass, aluminum and polyurethane to improve the car’s speed and makes installation easy. Spoilers also come as either car wings, at the back or air dams, located at the front.

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