Simple repairs for saving fuel

There are huge numbers of car owners that insist on keeping their cars running like a finely tuned Swiss watch.  These car enthusiasts will very carefully and thoroughly follow everything that is recommended in the owners manual that can with their car. They will insist on putting only the finest grade of gasoline and oil into their car, make sure that their car gets regular tune ups and will rush their car right into the shop as soon as a funny noise becomes noticeable.

There are many of use however that because of financial issues are likely to skip going to this extreme to keep their car running and never see a car repair shop until their car completely dies on them. While most of the time this is due to price costs but other times it is simply because of convince. Everyone needs their car to get them where they need to go and are not likely to want to give them up even if it is only for a short period of time.

Man pulling his own car on the rocks to save fuel

However since the prices of gasoline tend to spike up to incredible prices we as car owners need to rethink our car maintenance practices. If you are letting some basic tune ups go without being done you could very well end up paying more in gasoline consumption. For example if your oxygen censor in your car is not working as well as it should and you have it repaired your gas mileage can improve up to 45%. Making sure that your engine is properly tuned can better your gasoline mileage by up to 6%.

You should be absolutely sure that the air filter in your car is always clean. If the engine in your car is fuel injected the airflow is regulates the quantity of fuel that is burned. The entire process of mixing fuel and air together is extremely precise therefore your air filter needs to be kept clean in order for the most efficient mixture to occur. The air filter in your car will help to protect your car from impurities and will extend the life of your car’s engine while also improving on the cars gas mileage.

The importance of checking your oil regularly cannot be stressed enough and you should change the oil in your car regularly. A cars engine will run its absolute best when the oil in it is clean. This translates in better gas mileage for your car. When you are purchasing oil for your car you need to purchase the oil that is recommended by the manufacturer. If you are using one weight oil in a car the needs a different weight of oil it will result in the mileage your car gets being lowered. You can also achieve greater fuel efficiency from your car by putting high quality multi-grade oil into your car however you need to also realize the cost involved with this..

Tires are also incredibly important in order for your car to get the most efficient gas mileage. You need to be sure that your tires are properly inflated at all times to avoid any issues. Studies have shown that there are millions of cars driving in the United States that do not have properly inflated tires. Correctly inflated tires will last longer then poorly inflated tires and are also simply safer. The owner’s manual in your car will help you be able to determine the proper inflation for your tires. If you happen to be driving a pre-owned car that you got without an owner’s manual you can research the proper tire inflation on the internet.

Purchasing radial tires have also been said to have improve your gas milage when driving in the city as well as on the highway. It would be worth looking into switching if you ar not using them already. Just be sure to not mix radial tires and conventional tires unless the owners manual states that it is a suitable practice for that particular model of car.

Although you may think that these are just small changes they really will make a great difference.

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