Scion was founded in 2003 as a marque for Toyota and produces several economy cars. The Scion car marque was something that was spawned out of Toyota’s failed “Project Genesis” which was an effort and project to attempt to bring in new and also younger buyers so that they would, well, buy more Toyota stuff of course. All the cars produced by Scion are a simple front wheel driven hatchback model that remains somewhat economical.

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Scion was first revealed in 2002 at a March auto show in New York, and with it they showed the bbX concept vehicle. By launch time a year later only about a hundred auto shops sold the Scion, and a year after that the rollouts in 2004 hit larger market shares by targeting regions across the United States.

Scion resorted to unique marketing campaign tools, such as using internet advertisements that could sometimes be seen as rather annoying, along with a large selection of after market accessories – which is always nice – but a limited support for anything to do with car tuning and kits, although some have been manufactured by custom kit makers in the past year or so. Scion’s marketing and sales approach is basically a clone of Saturn – attempting to emulate that of Saturn, who in turn was father of the idea to the other GM brand that failed really fast and was founded around the same time as Saturn – the Geo.


So far Toyota has been propping that little Scion company up as much as possible and also Scion has been releasing Limited Edition vehicles to help its own sales. One thing that is unique at the dealerships is a first come and first serve policy, which enables people to buy what they see and want. They also offer about forty accessories for the after market vehicle buyer, from better superchargers and injectors to some amenities such as mud flaps.

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