Roewe is one of the newest car companies today, rising from the ashes of the Rover assets that were originally going to go to the SAIC, but because Ford took the Rover name they were unable to keep is. Thus Roewe was born. The current Roewe cars in production are the Roewe 250 and 750.

Roewe logo

The 750 is a revised and re-planned version of the Rover 75 (just add a zero) and it has a 2.5L V6 engine with a five speed tranny along with a 150 horse output and the company claims that over 85-90% of the vehicle has been improved upon compared to the original 75. NAC also holds the right to make some of Rover’s assets theirs, however as they are a struggling company they are currently unable to meet production expectations or modernize designs much as Roewe has under the SAIC.

The latest development to the Roewe saga is the 450 W2 prototype and concept vehicle designed to be a descendant of the Rover K series. At the Shanghai automotive show it was applauded as being one of the best designs seen there and currently one of the most innovative to come from a purely Chinese design team.

Roewe car

The car makes use of many technological advancements including LED lightning, a sculpted metal frame and body, new audio surround equipment, advanced and individual climate controls, a satellite navigation system with GPS and uses the Z-axle system from BMW. The engines it should and will likely have are the gas powered 1.8L or the 2.0 Diesel which can use biodiesel fuel and a hybrid is expected to be developed later. Current projections have the car priced at roughly 30,000 USD American, with it already being NCAP ready and planned for distribution in European and Asian markets by the end of the decade.

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