Private and Commercial Van Insurance

Van owners who use their vehicles for personal use should get a private van insurance. With a private van insurance, owners do not have to worry about their vans being stolen or getting involved in a vehicular accident. Depending on your choice of private van insurance package, you can have your van repaired or replaced without having to spend money from your pocket. Moreover, this insurance also provides road assistance to van insurance customers for free. Some companies will even let you drive a temporary replacement van while yours is getting fixed by them.

When choosing for the right private van insurance for you, there are several other things that you should consider other than getting your van repaired or replaced when needed.

Even if you are just using your van for personal use, it does not necessarily mean that there are no important items inside your van. If you have a full time job and you usually bring some stuff with you to work, keeping your items safe should be a thing to consider. People who tend to leave their stuff, such as laptop and some pertinent documents, inside their van may want to get an insurance that will also cover the contents of your van.

Aside from keeping your car’s content safe, another important factor that you should consider is keeping yourself, as well as your family, safe. The private van insurance should also cover yours and your loved ones’ medical expenses just in case you or they got injured from an accident. Nowadays, nobody wants to be paying medical expenses. Medical and life insurance should be the top priority for those people who are planning to get a private van insurance.

On the other hand, a commercial van insurance is for businesses, companies, or individuals who use their vans for business purposes and activities only. There are different basic types of a commercial van insurance. Each type has its own coverage and purpose.

The first type of a commercial van insurance is called “fully comprehensive van insurance.” This policy covers your van from all types of situations such as collisions, accidents, theft, damages, vandalism, and fire. This also covers third party vehicles that happened to be accidentally involved in these situations. Aside from covering the vehicles, this policy also covers medical expenses for injuries incurred by you or the third party.

The next type is the “third-party commercial van insurance.” This is the most basic and cheapest insurance for commercial vans. It only covers the medical expenses for the injuries inflicted upon a third party as a result of an accident.

The last type is called “third party fire and theft van insurance.” This type is similar to the “third party commercial van insurance.” The only difference is that your van is also covered by the insurance. However, you will not be able to claim damages unless the third-party vehicle’s driver is insured as well.

Whether it is a private or a commercial van insurance, it is important to also consider factors such as benefits, exclusions, usage, and coverage other than just shopping around for the cheapest price.

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