Power Up – Increase your Engine’s Power

Modifying your stock car’s engine can give it the power and capacity to handle increased speed and load. There are a lot of things you can do to increase your engine’s driving power, like installing some after-market equipments to boost engine performance and changing some parts of your engine with performance parts.


Pistons serve as driving force behind an engine’s performance. Having a piston made of very strong material is vital in keeping your engines perform at its best. Forged pistons come in different kinds, depending on what manufacturers have to offer. There are forged pistons that aside from being heavy-duty are also lightweight. In the racing industry, durability and lightness is a perfect combination.

A rod connects the crankshaft to the piston, that’s why it is also called connecting rod. The number of rods will depend on the number of cylinders. Due to high power of race engines, rods should be strong and able to withstand fatigue. Forge rods in aluminum or nickel and chrome components are favorites of racing enthusiasts because of their durability and strength.
To improve performance, adjustable cam gears are very useful parts that you should consider adding on to your engine setup. They allow adjustment of the cam for proper camshaft timing. Different manufacturers have made adjustable cam gears in different material combinations, boasting of precise engineering, but all with the same purpose that is to get the most power.

Valve springs are critical to the engine. You have to get the specified valve springs for your type of engine. Incorrect valve springs can lead to engine failure. Valve springs should be made of high quality wires and processed in the latest technologies to be able to withstand the rigors of opening and closing both intake and exhaust valves.

ngine accessories, such as fuel injectors and pulley kits, can also be added to your car’s engine to improve performance. You can get more horsepower out of your engine if you have lighter pulley. Race fuel injectors are designed to provide needed fuel smoothly. Maximizing engine’s performance means having engine combustion efficiency that can be delivered by a good fuel injector.

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