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There are different equipments that speed enthusiasts can attached to their car’s engine to boost power. One of them is what you call turbochargers. Plainly speaking, turbochargers are pumps that collect and compress air into the cylinder. By compressing the air, it allows more air to fit into the cylinder, creating more power because of the increase in combustibility of air-fuel mixture.

There are turbo kits available for different cars that are commonly modified for racing. The kits normally include manifolds, down pipes, intercooler, turbo, waste gate, blow off valve, fittings, and tubings, depending on the car make or model.

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You can also get a turbo for your car from among different manufacturers such as HKS, Blitz, Greddy, and Garrett. Each manufacturer has different specifications of their turbos, therefore it is important to know which one fits your engine. Intercoolers usually go with turbos. Intercoolers make the compressed air cooler so that the cylinders can take in more air to increase horsepower.

Turbo boost controllers are used to increase the boost pressure of turbos. You can choose from industry leaders including HKS, Blitz, Greddy, and Turbosmart. They offer turbo boost controllers with different features and specifications. Some even allow you to program boost curves to vehicle speed.

Other turbo accessories include boost gauges and turbo timers. Boost gauges practically allows you to monitor boost levels, while turbo timers keeps your engine running for a specified time, giving the turbo time to cool down. It automatically switches off your engine after the preset time has lapsed.

Superchargers are just basically like turbochargers in function and use. The difference between the two lies in what run the air pumps. Superchargers are belt driven while turbochargers get power from the exhaust gas. It is simpler to install a supercharger than turbocharger because it has fewer parts than the latter. However, turbochargers are still preferred by most boost-hungry drivers due to its market availability. This means that drivers will not have a hard time looking for a turbo that will match with their engine.

Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) provides extra oxygen to burn more fuel resulting to increased energy and power. Nitrous Oxide is stored in its liquid form inside a highly pressurized container, but comes out of it in vapor form. It is injected into the engine’s intake valve, breaks down into its basic components of nitrogen and oxygen upon reaching a certain temperature level, producing more oxygen to burn more fuel, resulting in increased horsepower. This is excluding the power gain resulting from the inherent cooling property of nitrous oxide. A power boost of 100 to 300 percent over stock is not impossible with NOS.

What’s good about NOS is that is it versatile. You can use it in one car, take it out and install it in another without hassle. You can use NOS only when you need it; meaning you can use your car in its normal state saving you some gas money.

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