Porsche Cayman

This Porsche offers you a dynamic experience of driving this model as it is the ultimate roadster. The angular look that the roof top of the car presents a mean looking machine that has its own distint charateristic. As the name suggests the name Cayman is symbolically related to the name of an alligator that is also called Caiman. No wonder the angular edges of the windows that touch the roof top give it a mean look. Moreover this porsche is the coupe version of the Porsche Boxter. It 3.4 liter boxter engine provides enough power to cruise you through top speeds that the car just seems to cut through the wind. It’s five speed manual transaxle offers convenience for drivers at top speeds. You just can’t get enough from viewing the interior as it is an awesome sight. With its leather seats and an upfront steering closer to the window you certainly feel the awesome sense of speed.

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