Porsche Cayenne Turbo Two-Door Conversion

Many people would love the idea of a two-door sporty SUV, but none of the major manufacturers actually make such things, which is a shame.

But if you are jonesing for a 2-door high-riding urban cruiser, you can either wait a bit longer for the new Land Rover LRX to arrive, or order one of these Cayennes!


This 2-door Porsche Cayenne you see here is based on the Turbo variant of the new 2011 model and has been converted by British tuner Merdad. He has also put his own body kit on the car, and tuned the engine up to 750 hp. Oh, and the interior design is also changed.

Merdad used to work with Gemballa before they went bust, but now they are starting to release cars under their own brand. The 2-door Cayenne will be showcased in major car shows this year, and rest assured is going to be hugely expensive to order.

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