Pirelli Tires

Pirelli & C are the manufacturers of many rubber based products, and most notably their tires. The company was first founded in 1872 by Giovanni Pirelli. The first things manufactures there were cables and later they began to manufacture Pirelli Tires.

On the 50s Pirelli tires were used on a number of Italian cars, and this tradition has continued today. In the 70s the company invented a new type of tire called the wide radial, and as a Pirelli tire it was made of high quality and served the Lancia racing team in their rally – it was custom designed because the power of the new car quickly outperformed the abilities of the tires used before it.

Pirelli P4000 Super Touring Tire

After this, so impressive was this new Pirelli tire, which Porsche adopted it for its 911 Turbo model and the tire itself has become a standard for auto racing and auto sport around the world. The latest example of a Pirelli tire being touted by world renowned racers is the 2004 Subaru and other competitors in the World Rally.

Most recently Pirelli tires have been adopted as the control tire for the World Rally and the British Rally – an honor that very few tire manufacturers have.

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