Personalized Car Plates

It’s all the rage now. In countries that do not ban the use of this gadget, car plates have evolved. Car plates have been transformed by creative and imaginative individuals who want their name, their profession or their personalities come up in their car plates in a fun and sometimes naughty way. The answer is customizing you car plate or simply using personalized car plates.

Personalized Car Plates

What a great idea! With this concept people have found a way of expressing themselves through their car plates. The key is mixing numbers and letters so that they still appear as registered legal numbers to identify the owner of the vehicle through their car papers. Some have both the legal car plate and the personalized car plate just to make sure they don’t break the law. The number “8” is a popular plate for VIP’s or politicians. Because it sets you apart as an individual, car plates do cost a lot but it’s definitely worth it to have your say through your car plate. N4F SD. (enough said)

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