Recently founded just a few years ago in 1993 Perodua is the second manufacturer of automobiles to be set up in Malaysia, and has been producing small and compact (minis) since. Thus far their exports reach several distant lands, such as the UK, Fiji, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Malta, Egypt, Brunei, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, and many more. Perodua does not actually have a manufacturing based upon any of its own designs; rather it produces and manufactures designs from Daihatsu, and are then rebranded from Daihatsu into Perodua.

Perodua logo

Recently ten years ago Perodua found itself without a good attractive logo that people could recognize easily, thus they set out a competition for a design to replace the green P on a red Background looking thing. It still has the same basic principal (a P shaped into a 2) but it is supposed to be better and smoother, with symbolisms calling up from red for a strong and robust worker’s force, along with the green color for their respect for the environment.

Thus far Perodua has been quite the humming little enterprise, and has been doing better than its local competitor named Proton.

Perodua Nautica

The cars produced by the company are very popular with the locals, and they have sold 80,000 autos of its Myvi line as of 2006 – whereas the Proton can, called the Wira, has sold only 28k. At the rate of expansion and production currently experienced by Perodua, the company will soon become one of the largest compact car manufacturers on South East Asia, and thus far its factory output has a projected maximum of 200,000 cars a year – with current upgrades to the facilities occurring to expand that past 240k a year should the need arise. It passed the big million car mark in 2005, hitting its first million.

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