Nissan Sentra Tuning

Nissan Sentra is yet another successful car from Nissan running on the roads till date. It is actually a rebadged export version of Nissan Sunny which is Japan’s most celebrated compact cars. The unbelievable interior volume gives us ample options to tune up this version from within.

Since this model was never designed for Pro Racing purpose, hence one needs to be careful while installing heavy tuned up parts. Let us see what all parts you could use for your Sentra and increase its performance to a whole new level.

Starting with the Exhaust system, a ‘cat back’ exhaust definitely suits the sensitive Sentra. The HKS Legamax Premium is one such popular exhaust system among the masses. It has quad titanium tips with a stainless steel finish. The racing sound gradually increases with the RPM. Its large radius bends help to back pressure and exhaust gas temperature. The larger diameter pipes help you to tune up the vehicle with heavy configuration.

Nissan Sentra Tuning

Shifting our focus towards the Engine and Advanced Electronics, we carefully monitor the volumetric efficiency. The ECU tuning as a whole is very much dependent on this factor.

We prefer a VAC Type GT-R device to cancel speed limiter of original version for circuit driving engine. CAN-BUS signal is controlled with HKS’ original system to cancel speed limiter safely. Sentra’s speed can be monitored on Circuit Attack Counter or Turbo Timer.

Another unique upgrade part that is unheard till now is the Stillen Header/Downpipe designed exclusively for Sentra models. This part actually completes the intake and exhaust for such cars models.

‘Faktion Short Shifter’ is a device that will help you make smooth transitions in the form of short gears from 1st to 3rd and then to the 5th gear. It is indeed a great mod at a bargain cost of $50.

It is advisable to invest on Redline Tranny fluid for Sentra. Always loosen the filling hex bolt before loosening the drain bolt. Try to get a short-tube funnel that flexes just well, or else you will have to go back and forth between putting fluid in and going underneath to drain it out.

Finally we would like to install the HKS upgrade kit. This kit consists of a Racing Centre Pipe, a racing Intercooler pipe kit and two uprated actuators. The racing centre pipe reduces the exhaust resistance and greatly enhances boost response.

The recent models of Sentra come with a Renault-built hydraulic clutch. This part would suit any version of the same car and helps in better gear transition.

Let us modify the mature looks of this vehicle to a wilder street-buzz look. Black carbon fibre bodies with detachable hardtops would suit the overall looks of this vehicle. For more frenzy appearance, you can get the poster of a leaping tiger air-brushed on one of its sides.

A tuned up Sentra will surely defy the odds and erase the memories of its old and serene version.

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