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The Shelby Mustang was created by Carroll Shelby, a former race-car driver and all around god of cars, the Shelby Mustang is a performance based muscle, a car that is derived from an original model that is modified and then sold as a series. From 1965 to 1970 the Shelby Mustang was and is one of the most popular after market designed cars in existence, and also one of the most powerful, even in 1965 the Shelby Mustangs peaked at 305 horsepower. They usually have a classic stripe right down the middle of the vehicle, and the Shelby GT-350 was the first Shelby version, which was also the first generation Mustang. In 1967 the GT500 was introduced, along with the continuing 350 series, the 500 had a 7L block V8 and one of the most famous Shelby Mustang to have ever been produced. Later on in 1968 the GT500KR was released, it was powered by a 428 engine and rated at 335 horsepower in order to keep insurance costs down (It was actually around 400 horsepower). This model is probably one of the most sought after muscle cars to have ever been produced, owning one makes you a legend by default.

Recently modern Shelby Mustangs have come back, with the first one being the Shelby GT-H version, which is similar to the GT350H from 1966, the car will only be available at the Hertz rental car agency, and it has a lovely 325 HP engine – only 500 of these have been announced for production and will be extremely rare. The 2007 Ford Shelby GT and GT500 are being released this year, which range in power from 300-500 horsepower (and one reportedly maxing in at 525 HP). To own one is to own a car that is extremely powerful and has little to no competition on the road from any other regular vehicle. Stay tuned for the 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR, details on this model remain somewhat sketchy, but it is estimated to have a 540 horsepower engine – enough to make you load in your pants if you floor it.

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