Morgan Aeromax

The Morgan Aeromax is a vehicle that is based on the Morgan Aero 8, and was commissioned by Prince Eric I. Sturzda, and only 100 will and have been manufactured. The Morgan Aeromax was built out of many alloys and uses a single alloy sheet to the forming, while the frame, built of ash, has been laminated for an exceptional amount of strength and insured that it remains durable, strong, and provides for a large amount of protection for the driver in the event of a collision.  Featuring three backbones on the interior skeleton the frame also incorporates nine layers of laminates and has them visible from the inside of the car.  The Morgan Aeromax also features a BMW N62 V8 for its powerhouse, an engine capable of great power and yet has a very modest to limited emission output and a decent fuel economy, making the car easier to maintain.  The detail put into the Morgan Aeromax include the chassis beams and the custom build luggage, along with a split rear window to provide access.  The chassis beam protects the driver in the event of a highly-unlikely rollover.

Morgan Aeromax Front

The design of the Morgan Aeromax was created by first basing it on the Aero 8, and then running it through a digitized process to create for it a base file on CATIA, which was then used to define the shapes and panels, along with glassworks and other parts, from this the jigs and such were manufactured to build the vehicle.  The engine is a naturally aspirated model with 333 horses when revved up to 6100 RPM and it takes up 4.4 liters, making its output roughly 76 horses a liter. The top speed of the Morgan Aeromax is well over 160 miles per hour and it has an impressive torque rating of 331 pounds per foot at just 3600 RPM.  Most of the vehicles feature a six speed gearbox transmission, a hydraulic limited slip differential and for the brakes has vented disks on the front and the rear.  It can go from 0-60 in about four seconds, and the fuel consumption of that V8 is about 25 miles to the gallon, with variations depending on setting from 17 in city and 35 out of city. A notable person to own one of these Morgan Aeromax vehicles is Rowan Atkinson, who plays the character Mr. Bean.

 Morgan Aeromax Rear

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