Modded Car Insurance

Car insurance premiums are always in the rise, no matter if you own a regular car, a truck, or a van. Even when you look for van insurance online, for example, you’ll notice the constant rises, but what about premiums for modded car insurance? Well it all depends on how modded the car is! If your car is modded in a way that makes it faster, and more likely to lose control you can expect to pay a higher premium – however if you have it certified as safe and following all regulations that premium will be lower. it is important to realize what kind of factors go into modded car insurance – for example do the mods change it’s handling adversely? Do the modded parts make any kind of impact on your driving skills or your ability to control the vehicle in a stressful situation? Does the modded car have a higher likelihood of breaking down often and incurring repair costs? Modded cars are not for the feint of heart for the most part, and insurance for modded cars is not cheap in many cases.

However, if you have modded a car and need insurance, it is always best to try and prove your car is just as safe if not safer from your modifications. I cannot tell you how many people I have seen just accept the insurance at a higher rate without at least trying to show the car is less dangerous than others on public roads. Consider if you have modded the engine to be more efficient, you have modded the kind of wheels you use to grip better and you have modded the steering and handling to make it better – why not ask for a mechanic to evaluate it and get a lower rate? If you can prove to the insurance agency that your modded car is safer they might not charge you the exorbitant amounts of cash some people just live with! Modded car insurance is something you shouldn’t take as face value if it is so high you have to sell your un-modded car just top pay a month’s worth with.

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