Mobile Laptop Desk

So, you have prepared yourself enough for that do-or-die presentation. You left early so that you still have time for a recap before going hot. But you’re stuck in traffic and the clock’s ticking! Don’t you just wish you had someone to hold up the laptop so that you could rehearse your piece while crawling your way through downtown traffic? Wouldn’t it be nice if you no longer have had to open and rummage inside your briefcase to get a pen and paper?

Mobile Laptop Desk - Open

The answer: Get a mobile laptop desk and strap it to the passenger seat. You could securely mount not only a laptop but also a printer where you can finish printing that report. Because the mobile laptop desk is modular, you can organize your must-have gadgets any way you want. Now, everything is neat and handy without the cell phone and PDA littering your dashboard.

Mobile Laptop Desk

You could do your work as if you are already in your office. You would no longer curse at the traffic as a waste of time. Finally, time stuck in traffic is time well spent.

Mobile Laptop Desk with Printer

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  1. Needit says:

    Where do I buy one – they look great!

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