MG was founded in 1924, and since then has been very successful in the sports car industry, however two years ago production ceased on all MG vehicles after MG Rover filed bankruptcy and went out of business. Luckily, in 2007 (this year folks) the new owners of the brand brought production back on line and have been using the plant in Longbridge along with one they have in China.

MG logo

MG stands for Morris Garages which was a popular auto sales group in jolly old Oxford that began to produce its own customized automobiles off of the versions they had already been buying. The designer of these designs was Cecil Kimber, who started out as a Sales manager and who soon found himself as general manager by 1941. Unfortunately for him a freak railways accident terminated his life in a very sad occurrence. The wheels of the train slipped on a new part of the track, the train was stopped but had begun to roll in reverse, without any way to stop it the train collided – and two cars were split in half by a signal gantry. Only two casualties resulted, with Kimber being one of them.

Originally owned by William Morris and his dealership the company was sold to Morris Motors, which in itself happened to be a part of a company called the Nuffield Organization in 35, followed by Nuffield being bought by the BMC, and then again BMC to BL. Under the BMC before this change they has massacred the existing designs and replaced them with re-brands. In the 70s the whole corporation (BL) faced fiscal ruins and from that – but when they closed the Abingdon factory, one of the major factories of MG, in created a massive public outcry and much strife.

MG car

After this BL became MG Rover, but then collapsed. The name MG went to British Aerospace, and then to BMW, followed by the total cancellation of MG. Finally the Nanjing Automobile group bought MG and all of the other assets belonging to the MG Rover company and brought back MG under a codenamed projects (Project Kimber). Since early this year they began producing roadsters again, and in so doing brought back several models and plan to launch more MG and ZR models of vehicles, bringing the brand back. In addition to this NAC is in talks about merging Roewe with MG.

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