Mercedes-Benz was spawned by two companies. In the beginning in 1871 there was the Benz and Cie Company, and it was founded by none other than the illustrious Karl Benz. Meanwhile Daimler was founded in 1890, but Gottlieb Daimler died in 1890. But now, back to Benz. In 1886 Benz had the first engine that was a four stroke engine, and thus created the first real automobile as it had a chassis from scratch, while Daimler used a converted horse carriage.

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The Automobile Race was born, with both trying to claim the mantel – but not really. What happened next was the merger between the two companies after World War One, creating Daimler-Benz. After this Mercedes-Benz was created post merger, having come from the Mercedes cars that had been manufactured. Because DMG sold the name Daimler, Daimler of Germany cannot use the name exclusively, but can use Daimler-Benz or other variants (the company that ended up with the name Daimler is still in England). The vehicles produced in the Mercedes wing started out with the 35hp in 1902, and from then on it followed the path of most companies with mergers and other advancements.

What sets the company apart is that the Mercedes was very innovative, having started in 1900 with a man named Jellinek, who so liked the car he had his daughters name painted on them for good luck in races. He wanted faster cars, so in 1902 he ordered 36 on the condition that the model would be named after his daughter, and he became obsessed with the name Mercedes on the car. He also sold them, becoming the first dealer to do so, and having gone so far off the deep end he changed his last name to Mercedes.


He ordered another thirty six, and then another order that he sold. Finally they invited him to sit on the board of directors, and he did so until 1909 when he retired. Later on after the war they continued to make cars with the Mercedes-Benz name, and continue to do so today. They range from luxury vehicles to trucks, buses and wagons, along with boat engines.

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