Marcos was founded in 1959 and has been in business since then. It was founded by Frank Costin and Jem March, who decided to g out and create a dream. Their first run was when they began to build some cars, but, unfortunately the first attempt went off and downhill. They could not afford the expenses of the current export costs of the time, although their early 1971 vehicles were very stylish and very well made, having a sleek exterior and aerodynamic forming… However the story does not end there.

Marcos logo

Jem Marsh stayed in the automobile industry and continued on with his work, he bought back the name Marcos and by 1981 he had a vehicle called the Marcos V6 launching in the form of a kit, to avoid strangling British taxes. Looking back at their first automobile in 1960 it was something that had not been seen before if you think about it, a peculiar little machine with gull doors and a four panel windshield, with limited production of 39.

Later in the 60’s they began to make Mini’s, a lucrative thing at the time in the UK (as an American, let me say this – I will never understand Minis). Their Mini sales have been string ever since – except for the fiscal troubled times. The Mantis was their greatest achievement, with two kinds being released, one for racing and one for streets – however… only one was actually made. In the newer era Jem March released a car called the Marcos Mantula, which looked like their old GT but with a much better V8 and a five speed box, and the new engine was made out of alloys – making the car lighter and much more powerful, allowing it to compete with others.

Marcos car

The latest car, their TSO, is only three years old with a 400bhp engine built by Chevrolet. Currently it is selling well, and one other note about the Marcos brands is that – it is not a subsidiary of anyone. It is unique, it hasn’t been merged, bought, or tackled by a bigger auto group, and is the first one I have seen to last this long without a buyout – I applaud them.

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