The Mangusta was a vehicle produced from 67 to 70 by De Tomaso. The Italian Sports car was one of a few to have been made that year, but received renowned recognition for its build and its ability to outclass other vehicles. Today it is regarded as the best vehicle that De Tomaso has ever produced, and has probably the best body styling of any of the vehicles manufactured by that company.

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The Mangusta had a fine Ford GT40 transaxle placed in the rear of the vehicle that gave it superior handling and a Ford 302 engine, a V8, which gave it the powerhouse it needed in order to compete against other cars like the Cobra and similar. Unfortunately for the car, despite the fact it was better, despite the fact it was more stylish, and despite the fact that it was more powerful and better than all the rest produced by De Tomaso – it was replaced by the cheaper to build pre-fabricated and less powerful Pantera.

Out of the many vehicles built, there are but two hundred left working in the world today, and these cars are considered highly valued as collector’s items and for the fact of their rarity can fetch a very high price depending on the condition of the vehicle and the condition of the internal components.


Recently there was a rival of the brand after De Tomaso Bigua became a vehicle known as the Qvale Mangusta after a fight between De Tomaso and his partner in business Qvale. It was produced for just three years, from 200 to 2002, and was given a 4.6L Ford to give it 305 horses and a huge amount of torque. Unfortunately not many were produced and the price was 70k upon its release for sale, no further plans to make any more have been released.

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