Koenigsegg – I dare you to say that three times fast – is the Swedish company that was founded in 1993 by Christian von Koenigsegg to create, manufacture, and sell what are known as Super cars. These cars are beasts of the road, the most powerful class in cars besides rockets strapped to test vehicles. He based his company on Formula One tech and thus the car was made to be a two seated mid engine vehicle layout with a very hard top. The first prototype was brought out from the shrouds of production in 1997 and shown to the world.

Koenigsegg Logo

Three years later the production version of the prototype was brought out and shown in Paris and the Paris Motor Show, and the first customer took a red one two years later in Geneva at their auto show. Thus with that order, four more cars were built, and Koenigsegg was then able to establish in Asia with a release in Seoul at their Auto Show. In 2004 a brand new CCR was released in Geneva to many stunned folks in the gathering.

Koenigsegg CCX

The first stroke of bad luck hit Koenigsegg when one of the production plants burned, with the fire taking forty firefighters to put out. Only 15 of Koenigsegg’s cars were saved before the fire took out the whole facility. Koenigsegg made the decision to stay in the same facility and rebuild from the ashes to rise again, and so far has done well in doing so. His cars have set several records, and in 2005 they broke the record, the world record, for the fastest production car in the world, with a speed of 242 miles per hours, busting and demolishing the record held by McLaren. However, they lost the record when the Bugatti Veyron went out and busted it by ten miles per hour more. They also broke the U.S. ticket record, with a car going 242 mile an hour in Texas, and being pulled over. They were speeding at 242 miles per hour in a slow 75 mile per hour zone (slow is being sarcastic, 75 is the highest speed limit in the U.S. currently).

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