Keeping your car clean at winter

Oi, one of the hardest things in winter is keeping the car floor clean, let alone the seats and the rest of the vehicle.  Some how it seems that  no matter what you do soggy paper, dirt, and otherwise disgusting sludge that is half frozen always ends up at the bottom of your car or truck, or your foot pads are totally soaked.  It’s because of people and their feet, and it cannot be helped at all, I guess you will have to live with it – or will you?  Right now would be a great time to invest in rubber pads. Yes, rubber, because rubber doesn’t absorb grime and will protect the underneath from getting sopping wet.  In fact, if you have rubber and also a spare towel, by the end of winter your car may only need a minor cleaning rather than a full blow shampoo overhaul.

 Car Floor - Rubber

Rubber is also pretty cheap, and it lasts a long time.  During those wet and cold times of the year you can use the rubber padding and keep a towel handy, then during the dry and warm times put back the old pads you’re used to.  Furthermore you can also include a small trash receptacle or a file holder that hangs off the glove box, or even just a random cardboard box between the seats to throw paper in to keep it from combining to create a paper mache. Another common error by passengers and the driver is to pile up everything in the middle console of the vehicle, pushing stuff in the cup holders and piling it up until its instability causes it to come crashing down into the watery soup of doom. Using other alternative storage methods, like the plastic bag and a small box will alleviate much of the problem.

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