Infant Car Seats

An infant car seat is a car seat that is made for a baby weighing up to 20-30 pounds (depending on the seat) or to an age of one year. Infant car seats are the safest way to transport babies in a car, SUV, truck or minivan. It should also be noted that infant car seats are much more functional than other types of car seats in that they usually have handles to carry the infant out of or to the vehicle and many infant car seats include a base where the seat clicks in securely.

Infant car seats are usually required equipment in all US states; however there may be differences in the law in your area, so it’s always best to check up on the laws. For those buying infant car seats, there is no best infant seat available. Most experts agree that choosing the right infant seat is about finding a seat that fits your infant the best.

Infant seats face rearwards, this has been proven the safest way to travel. In an accident, your infant should experience as little whiplash as possible. In addition, an infant car seat securely holds your child in place and protects the head, arms and legs.

Because most infant seats come with their own base, traveling with your infant is straightforward. You can carry your child from the house to the car, to the store and back again with him or her always secure in the seat. Many companies not only sell a base with the seat, but sell the base alone, so that a family that has two vehicles can both have a base in it for easier transportation.

If you are buying a used infant seat or a friend or family member has given you theirs make sure you do a few things before accepting it. First off, make sure it is in good condition and was not involved in any accidents. In addition, you should accept the infant car seat with instructions so that you can install it properly. You should also check to see if the model number, date and manufacturer is easily legible. This information is helpful in case the product is recalled.

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