Impressive Car Interiors – Speed, Confort and Luxury

Who wouldn’t want to have very impressive interiors to go with all those horsepower? Let’s take a look at the available options for making a terrific-looking interior for your racecar.
First, the seat must be very comfortable and well, aesthetically designed. You wouldn’t want to fall off your seat while speeding, right? Recaro and Sparco are the two top performance seat brands. Bucket seats are synonymous with Recaro. Sparco’s high-quality products have earned them the popularity in the race industry. Aside from racing style seats, they also make helmets, and other racing equipments. You can also have a custom seat made for you by Richardson Racing Products, Inc.

Car Seat

Of course you would need seatbelts for safety. Racecars are u sually equipped with five-point racing harness seatbelts. It is normally fastened to the frame of the car. It has two shoulder straps, a belt that passes between the legs, and a lap belt for both sides. All points connect to the harness, which is in the middle. With these five-points, you can be sure that you are securely fastened to your seat. Four-point racing seatbelts differ with the five-point wherein the strongest part is the lap belt. The lap belt is of one piece and the two shoulder belts connect to specific points on the lap belt and so with the lower belt. Race seatbelts are made to be light and durable and have quick-release camlocks.

There are a lot of things you can do to style your car’s dashboard- y ou can put a dash cover on your dashboard, go custom, or buy dash kits. Dash covers come in different colors and fabrics. Aside from providing protection, it can make your car look nice. Da sh kits are molded parts of wood or carbon fiber that you can stick on your dashboard for a classier look. Or if you want to be different, you can have a custom dashboard made for you. Custom dashboards are normally made of carbon fiber designed according to your specifications. And while you’re at it, fit in a digital dashboard display for a cool hi-tech look.

If you don’t like digital displays, put some gauges and dials on your dashboard. These things come in variety of styles and finish to suit your car’s theme. There are gauges for amp current monitoring, fuel, oil pressure, air fuel monitoring, speedometer, and tachometer among others. They are good for styling and for functionality.

Add a sporty steering wheel, shift knob, and pedals to match your dashboard. You can choose from a lot of steering wheel designs and sizes, incorporated with wood or leather covering. Race pedals are either in aluminum or carbon finish.

And lastly, get your car wired up with a stereo system. You can even set-up a full audio-video system if your budget permits. Put on subwoofers, amplifiers, crossovers, mids and tweets, digital equalizers, and pre-amps. You can even add a DVD player to your set-up. For the best audio or video set-up, go to car sound professionals and have them pick the right components and install them.

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