Hybrid Cars Of The Future

A typical hybrid car does not require a highly usage of fuel, thus making it a user friendly vehicle, and it is all attributed to it’s good engine which consists of a conventional propulsion system combined with a rechargeable energy storage system and of course, a typical hybrid car’s engine does not highly depend on the Internal Engines Combustion system to have its wheels moving on the road.

Not only does this car comes in as a user friendly vehicle, it is also an environmental friendly car because of it’s, well you have probably guessed it, the car is built with an environmental friendly battery which could last for a period of 10 years.

There is no doubt that an automobile of gasoline engines are good too. Gasoline engines have the obvious advantage over diesel in being lighter and are able to work at higher rotational speeds, and typically, gasoline engines are the best choice to fit a high performance sports car, so why bother getting a hybrid car or to even waste time to think of getting one?

If you are as prudent as you think you are, a hybrid car may sound expensive, and it is the way it sounds in reality, but it could help you financially in the long run due to the fact that hybrid cars do not require high usage of any type of fuel, including gasoline.

Now you’re probably thinking, a hybrid car can really save you all that money in the long run. And with the recent globally increased price in fuel, the agonizing uncertainty as to when the hike in fuel price would happen for the umpteenth time has made you to become more motivated than ever to at least dream of owning one.

So, what are the types of hybrid cars out there that would suit you well enough?

Toyota, a multinational corporation which came into prominence since the early 1940’s is one of the main contributors in bringing the name “hybrid cars” into worldwide recognition. It is believed that the company has been forking out a total sum of $28 million dollars for research purposes on a prominent basis; hence, making the company in par with other main companies in contributing to the development of hybrid cars.

It was announced recently that Toyota would built 10,000 units of Camry hybrid cars in Altona, Australia. It was also announced that they would expand their projects in other parts of the world too, specifically Thailand, and the reason being so is to cater for the Asian market needs as well. That’s the way to go Toyota! Let no continents be left out.

It is also understood that there has been an increase in the demand for hybrid cars, thus, Toyota has announced that they would joint venture with another prominent electronic manufacturer, Matsushita Electric Industrial Ltd, to set up a specialized research department to have a next-generation battery developed that could outperform the current lithium-ion batteries that is used by every cars in general.

However, these questions come into mind, is the price of a typical hybrid car is in any way justified? How does it come in as a value for money type of purchase when hybrid cars are generally sold $17, 000 dollars more expensive than a similar sized car with a slight difference in terms of performance? And to add, it is predicted that a lithium-ion battery needs to be replaced by a new one after every 10 years of usage, and it doesn’t stop there, a new lithium-ion battery would cost you $4,000 dollars.

But, there is potential for every hybrid car owners to be provided with incentives by respective governments. The US Government would be a good example to follow as the government has provided $30 million dollars to have plug-in hybrid cars to be built with joint efforts with companies like General Motors and General Electric, and it is said that hybrid cars of the type mentioned would be produced by 2014.

So what do you think? It goes back to that question again, are you as prudent as you think you are? In the future, we could expect an increase in fuel price, and let’s face it; this will never stop as fuel comes from very scarce resources. Hypothetically speaking, the future generation would never get to see planet earth as the way we look at it today if we keep ignoring the fact that typical cars are one of the main causes of high carbon dioxide emissions. Wouldn’t it be wise if we could start contributing in making our planet earth a better place to live in for our future generation?

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  1. barry says:

    we need to completely draw ourselves away from our parasitic relationship with oil. we must explore new and resource efficient vehicles. zap has introduced a FULL line of electric and environmentally friendly vehicles from bikes to trikes, not to mention cars and trucks. though i am a Chevy Love i will still support it as long as it is worth it.

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