Hummer H3

If you live for a life of cruising on the road with the wind in your face and the sun at your back then you will surely be a HUMMER enthusiast. Ever since this car has been introduced for the civilians, it has been a rage the world around. Initially it was built for military purposes only but as the demand for it grew among the civilian market, it was reluctantly launched by one of the biggest names in car making-General Motors. The HUMMER H3 is the newest entrant on the block with slightly altered looks from the previous two models to offer better on-road handling to the buyers. It is still among the best off-road vehicles and can prove its might on dust laden, granite based rocky roads like no other vehicle can. Its sheer size and awe inspiring power make it a car desired by most. It is the ultimate symbol of raw machismo which clearly states “Don’t mess, keep distance” attitude of its owner. All in all, it’s a car worth dreaming for if you have the attitude to carry it off and don’t mind the attention.

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