How to Stop Radiator Leaks?

Radiator is an important component of your car’s cooling system. If it has a leak, then overheating might take place. You need to find a temporary solution for fixing the leak before you meet the mechanic for maintenance or situation might get worse by then.

If you’re about to leave for work and just before entering your car observe a leakage in its radiator, then you might get worried and would possible look to get it fixed. Radiation is a part of the cooling system of your car and if it fails, then the whole thing can be a victim of overheating. Radiator leaks lead for an ineffective cooling of engine and sometimes even leakage. However, rather then going for fixing the leaks, you can also prevent the same by having it properly maintained. Proper maintenance helps in stopping the leakage.

Car Radiator

Radiators are components of the cars that are utilized for radiating the heat in your vehicles. You can find such heat-exchanging devices (in its different forms) are generally present in electronics, buildings and automobiles. They are primarily designed for transferring heat through thermal radiation with their main aim being to produce the needed heat or cool.

Materials & Tools Required For Repairing the Radiator Leaks

If you are looking forward to stop radiator leaks by yourself, then you will require using two imperative materials:

  • Ground black pepper
  • Duct tape

Instructions for repairing the leakage in your radiator

To halt the leakage in your radiator, you require following certain steps:

  • Firstly, you need to find out the position of the leak in your car’s radiator. If radiator leaks are in the hose, you can patch it with the help of duct tape. Duct tapes have the ability of holding up the leak for at least one week. This is enough for you to replace the hose.
  • If leak is in your car’s radiator only, then your next step is to remove the cap of your radiator and follow it up by adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of ground black pepper in it. Pepper has the feature of lodging into holes and also swelling when it comes in contact with water. They continue to mount and seal the hole.
  • You should close the radiator cap once it has been filled with water to a considerable level.
  • Now, you need to bring some more pepper along with you. Again, you should also carry a water jug, as it might be necessary for adding more water along with pepper into your car’s radiator. However, you should ensure that radiator is fresh prior to removing its cap.
  • The final step for blocking radiator leaks is very essential. You should schedule a meeting with your mechanic. During the meeting, you should discuss the methods for getting a permanent solution and also inform them of the temporary measures, which you’ve taken.

Tips for future use

  • You should always keep extra water with you in your car. This allows you to quickly fix a leak, if it happens in the middle of nowhere.
  • You can also opt for using 3-4 white eggs to put off the leakage from your radiator, as it works in a manner similar to pepper.

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