How to Perform Your Own Car Maintenance

With constant proper car maintenance, your automobile has the capacity to even travel for more than 200,000 miles. Considering the standard costs of cars, you may like to protect your investment by conducting periodic car maintenance. However, if you can just simply handle this task on your own, then definitely, you can forego with the labor expenses. All you have to do is allocate this money into purchasing a good-quality maintenance tools and car components.

You can begin by assessing yourself if you have the skills to do a DIY (do it yourself) car maintenance. If not but highly interested, you can take some courses related to general repairs. This is offered by your local colleges or in vocational schools. You can also seek a good manual for your automobile, like the Chilton’s manual. There are also lots of great information and articles in the Internet.

When you have already set your own car maintenance schedule, it is recommended that you keep track. You can either go manual by buying a logbook or a notebook. Or you can simply store all files in your PC. There are also available software that helps you in tracking your car maintenance by monitoring repairs, fuel consumption, and the replacement parts utilized by the vehicle. Most of this software is ready to track multiple autos.

Another advantage of using tracking software is that it helps you develop your own service schedule that will keep in you in check when you need to conduct maintenance of your vehicle. Moreover, there are numerous tips that you can get related to car care, as well as references to a number of diagnostic and repair tools. You can download some free software over the Internet, or if you’re lucky, your car manufacturer can give you a free trial version.

Your owner’s manual is also a great source of information when it comes to car care. Listed in its pages are the different maintenance tasks you need performing, and they are classified according to your car’s mileage. For example, for every 3,000 miles traveled by your vehicle, you need to change your engine’s oil as well as the filter. You can make use of synthetic oil as they are supposed to endure longer. Also, do not forget to check on the tires, belts, hoses, filters, and fluids, while you’re changing the oil. Also check terminals and battery cables for any signs of corrosion. You can remove it, though, with the use of sandpaper or a wire brush.

Who says car maintenance is only for auto technician? After all, you can make yourself one.

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